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The summer TN-SCORE Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program lasts between 8-10 weeks. Students will receive a $5,000 stipend and campus housing. Depending on the host institution, the stipend may differ and a meal plan may be included. In 2015 (Summer) host universities will be the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Vanderbilt University. Funding is provided by NSF EPS-1004083.

If you have any questions about the program or the application, contact TN-SCORE Outreach Director, Samantha Brown ( 


Previous Research Topics & Faculty Mentors:

Towards High Mobility Graphene for Electronics Application, Dr. Kirill Bolotin, Vanderbilt

Advanced Catalyst Design for the Production and Utilization of Fuels from Renewable Resources:  Solar fuels, bio-fuels, and advanced fuel cells, Dr. Siris Laursen, University of Tennessee

Computational Proton Conduction in Polymer Electrolyte Membranes, Dr. Stephen Paddison, University of Tennessee

Hydrogen Production from Fusion Proteins, Dr. Paul Frymier, University of Tennessee

Bioengineering Photosystem I for Applied Photosynthesis, Dr. Barry Bruce, University of Tennessee

Synthesis of Nanoscale Materials for Enhanced Solar Cell Devices, Dr. Philip Rack, University of Tennessee

Solid-State Solar Cells from Photosystem I, Dr. Kane Jennings, Vanderbilt

Photoelectrochemistry of Photosystem I and Photosystem II, Dr. David Cliffel, Vanderbilt

Synthesis of Alkaline Fuel Cell Membranes, Dr. Jimmy Mays, University of Tennessee

Economics of Large-Scale Batteries, Dr. Robert Counce, University of Tennessee

Electrospun Electrodes and Membranes for Fuel Cells, Dr. Peter Pintauro, Vanderbilt

The Development of Fuel Cell/Redox Flow Hardware, Dr. Matthew Mench, University of Tennessee

Surface Behavior and Characterization of Conducting Polymer Thin Films, Dr. Mike Kilbey, University of Tennessee

Carbon-based Nanomaterials for Biological Applications, Dr. Yaqiong Xu, Vanderbilt

Nanoscience for Energy and Biotechnology, Dr. Rizia Bardhan, Vanderbilt

About the REU Program:

Student Application Requirement

Enrollment as a full-time undergraduate student at a college or university in Tennessee (4 year or community college).

Note: Preference will be given to TN residents, students underrepresented in STEM, and those with career/educational goals involving sustainable energy.

Requirements of Participation

In addition to conducting research, all award recipients are required to:

(1) Present their research at an end of summer poster symposium and potentially other events as determined by the TN-SCORE staff; and 
(2) Participate in professional development opportunities.

Listed below are previous REU student participants:

2015 REUs      
 Walker Boldman  Math  College of the Ozarks  UT Knoxville
 Adam Spannaus  Math  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Katelyn Hodge  Nuclear Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Eon Burkett  Chemistry  TN State   UT Knoxville
 Gabriela Little  Biology  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Patrick Jung  Mechanical Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Christopher Neal  Chemical Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Mary McBride  Chemical Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Grayson Jones  Chemical Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Christopher McDonald  Physics  Austin Peay  Vanderbilt
 Autumn Douthitt  Chemical Engineering  TN Tech  Vanderbilt
 Dennis Ejorh  Mechanical Engineering  Lipscomb  Vanderbilt
 Corey Combs  Materials Science  UT Knoxville  Vanderbilt
 Jen Lomaki  Physics  SUNY-Geneseo  Vanderbilt
 Joshua Nolen  Mechanical Engineering  Lipscomb  Vanderbilt
 Shelby Dickerson  Chemistry  University of Southern Mississippi  Memphis
 Lee Dunlap  Chemistry  UT Knoxville  Memphis
 Natalie Galindo  Chemistry  Rhodes  Memphis
 Scott Hutchinson  Chemistry  Nicholls State University  Memphis
 2014 REUs          
 STUDENT                             MAJOR                                      HOME INSTITUTION                            HOST INSTITUTION  
 Autumn Douthitt  Chemical Engineering  TN Tech  UT Knoxville
 Bradley Baker  Chemistry  King University  UT Knoxville
 Brooke Widner  Chemistry  King University  UT Knoxville
 Jordan Taylor  Physics  Austin Peay  UT Knoxville
 Matthew Jenkins  Computer Science  Maryville College  UT Knoxville
 Michelle Lehmann  Computer Engineering  Pellissippi State  UT Knoxville
 Robert Golsby  Chemical Engineering  University of Cincinnati  UT Knoxville
 Samantha Medina  Mat. Sci. & Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Sarah Manning  Chemistry  Maryville College  UT Knoxville
 Trevor Ferguson  Mechanical Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Amadou Fall  Chemistry  TN State  Vanderbilt
 Ashley Allred  Chemical Engineering  TN Tech  Vanderbilt
 Ashton Davis  Math  Lemoyne-Owen  Vanderbilt
 Elijah Brown  Electrical Engineering  Austin Peay  Vanderbilt
 Lucas Thal  Biochemistry  UT Knoxville  Vanderbilt
 Vincent Viola  Physics  Rhodes College  Vanderbilt
 Ava Connor  NA  Sewanee  Memphis
 Jessica Ellett  NA  University of North GA  Memphis
 Luke Henderson  NA  Auburn University  Memphis
 Elizabeth O'Connell  NA  TN Tech  Memphis
 2013 REUs      
 Richard Groves  Environmental Mgmt.  Lipscomb  UT Knoxville
 Eric Gilmer  Engineering  TN Tech  UT Knoxville
 Shadi Saeed  Engineering  TN Tech  UT Knoxville
 Simone Hopes  Biology  TN State  UT Knoxville
 DeAndra Peoples  Chemistry  TN State  UT Knoxville
 Shean Hubbard  Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Megan Farell  Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Olivia Hurd  Engineering/Math  Vanderbilt  Vanderbilt
 Miranda Trentle  Chemistry  UT Chattanooga  Vanderbilt
Megan Burcham  Engineering  UT Martin  Vanderbilt
 Marc Panu  Engineering  Vanderbilt  Vanderbilt
 Domenic DioGiovanni  Physics  Hillsdale College  Vanderbilt
 Timothy Haley  Psychology  UT Chattanooga  Vanderbilt
 Jacob Jordan  Engineering  TN Tech  Vanderbilt
 Michael Reynolds  Physics  Columbia State  Vanderbilt
 2012 REUs      
 Evan Ornouski  Engineering  Bethel College  UT Knoxville
 Phillip Johnson  Engineering  Union University  UT Knoxville
 Kevin Huerto  Mechanical Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Steven Bell  Engineering  TN State  UT Knoxville
 Megan Schutt  Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Dylan Wood  NA  Austin Peay  UT Knoxville
 Barkley Randall  Psychology  Middle Tennessee  Vanderbilt
 William Crosby  Chemistry  UT Martin  Vanderbilt
 Ross Beckley  Computer Science TN State  Vanderbilt
 Adam Edwards  Engineering  TN Tech  Vanderbilt
 Erik Jewell  Chemistry  Austin Peay  Vanderbilt
 Walter Harrington  Biochemistry  UT Chattanooga  Vanderbilt
 Xuan Anh Ma  Chemistry  Memphis  Memphis
 Raven Cross  Engineering   TN Tech  TN Tech
 2011 REUs      
 STUDENT MAJOR  HOME INSTITUTION  HOST INSTITUTION                                              
 Ray Henson  Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Brian Moran  Engineering  Vanderbilt  UT Knoxville
 Adeleye Ademola  Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Stephen Richardson  Biochemistry  Maryville  UT Knoxville
 Mary Denman  Biochemistry  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Danna Sharp  Engineering  UT Knoxville  Vanderbilt
 Jeremy Brooksbank  Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 David Wilson  Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Michael Bright  Engineering  UT Knoxville  UT Knoxville
 Stephanie Jorgenson  Engineering  TN Tech  TN Tech
 Leah Douglas  Chemistry  Memphis  UT Knoxville
 Chad Crawford  Engineering  TN Tech  TN Tech
 Steven Jones  Engineering  TN Tech  TN Tech
 Geoffrey Musick  Biochemistry  Lipscomb  Vanderbilt
 Jonathon Clinger  Biochemistry  Lipscomb  Vanderbilt


Leah Douglas (2011 Summer REU) talks about her REU Experience