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TN-SCORE 's overall theme and educational merit is separated into 3 research thrust areas:

  1. Advanced Solar Conversion and Innovation

  2. Components and Devices for Energy Storage and Conversion

  3. Nanostructures for Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Across these three thrust areas, there are several key goals of the program as a whole:

First, TN-SCORE strives to improve the competitive standing of Tennessee STEM researchers at all TN institutions. This is achieved by: (1) Implementing successful RII that builds lasting collaborative relationships across the state; (2) increasing the amount of collaborative funding and joint publications to participants; and (3) actively participating in technology-based economic development.

Second, TN-SCORE aims to create sustainable improvements in the capacities of Tennessee alternative energy technologies, achieved through: (1) conversion efficiencies up to ~10% and (2) increasing the workforce in Thrust areas via education and training.

Third, TN-SCORE seeks to expand productive TN STEM research cyberinfrastructure, not only by enabling researchers to share research data, but also by engaging participants in knowledge generation and workforce education.

Lastly, TN-SCORE works toward diversifying participation in STEM by Tennessee institutions, organizations, and people. This goal is achieved by increasing racial/ethnic, educational-level, and rural and inner city diversity among participants. Further, TN-SCORE continues to engage Tennessee citizens in knowledge transfer of the three thrust areas listed above.

TN-SCORE Vision:

To advance the capacity of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) research at all Tennessee academic institutions furthering their contribution to state economic priorities and leading solutions to problems of national significance.

    • $24 million National Science Foundation EPSCoR RII Track I Research Infrastructure Award 
    • 11 Primary Research Partners
    • 51 Faculty Researchers
    • 150 Student Researchers
    • 16 CollaborativePartners
    • 4 Industry Partners