Advanced Solar Conversion Devices for Energy Conversion Nanostructures EPSCOR

Tennessee Solar Conversion and Storage using Outreach, Research and Education (TN-SCORE) is Tennessee's first NSF RII Track 1 Research Infrastructure award. It will provide a unique opportunity to develop the platform for enhanced research capacity and greater competitiveness within all Tennessee's diverse academic institutions.

Tennessee EPSCoR

Tennessee is a designated EPSCoR state. EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) is a program administered by the National Science Foundation to assist states in boosting the level of research funding provided by NSF.

The Tennessee State EPSCoR Committee, created in Tennessee in April 2003, was established by the Tennessee public higher education system, Vanderbilt University and administrative and legislative branches of State government to capitalize on this opportunity. This committee is charged with defining the process for identifying and focusing investments on specific research areas to improve research competitiveness across Tennessee and the United States.

In addition, the committee is charged with making recommendations and programs to increase the research and research competitiveness across Tennessee. Major goals of the committee include:

•Increase collaboration between universities and the State of Tennessee
•Improve the educational science and technology learning
•Increase educational opportunities of under-represented groups

TNEPSCoR Newsletter

Click on the image below to download the latest TNEPSCoR newsletter.

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